For thousands of years communities from all corners of our planet relied on nature – and specifically essential oils – to nourish and care for themselves and their families.

As time passed, the secrets of these ancient ingredients were lost and a shadow was cast over their capabilities.

The pharmaceutical industry had arisen and somehow we found ourselves in a place where science no longer acknowledged ancient health rituals that are as much part of the natural world as humans are.

Additionally, a few snake oil salesmen hoping to make a “quick buck” were bottling subpar and diluted “essential oils” that were incapable of offering any benefits at all.

All of this caused a lack of faith in the healing power of nature in general and essential oils in particular.

For Daniel Chavez Saul this was an unacceptable loss. To him, restoring the balance between reliance on science and reliance on nature for wellness was already part of his mission. He was determined to share the true value of essential oils with others.

But before he could do that, he knew he had to restore faith in these oils. He wanted to introduce them in a way that would silence critics and establish trust with even the most discerning individuals. And in order to achieve that goal, he knew that he would have to raise the bar significantly.

So, he dove in. He studied the history, production, and application of essential oils from the earliest historical records to the newest findings. He then leveraged his relationships at Harvard and Stanford universities to find the best minds in the field of essential oils and established the VINTARI Scientific Board.

Together they identified the prime natural sources of essential oils in fruits, plants, and seeds across the globe. Next, they researched the extraction techniques that were effective and respected nature’s sensitive balance. And finally they formulated an effective and exciting range of individual oils (VINTARI Essences) and mixtures (VINTARI blends), that exceeded the highest existing quality standards.

Today, thousands of women and men trust and depend on more than 20 VINTARI essential oils for daily support, in multiple ways whether topical, internal or via diffusers.

Whatever you need, your dream, or your purpose, join VINTARI and allow us to place the solutions the ancients used to care for their families at your fingertips.

VINTARI, the world at your fingertips.